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Implicațiile sistemelor de Inteligență Artificială (IA) în dezvoltarea urbană

If AI until some time ago was just a product of imagination, today is not only a challenge but a reality that we live every day from social networks, the Internet using search engines from assistants systems, to public servants - Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ce este și cum poate fi folosită inteligența artificială (III)

IA is developed and used at the level of local or central public institutions, government institutions or even private companies. It has been and is being developed in research in all fields of science, industry, state security, private security, medical, but also regarding business development and productivity growth. IA systems are used by Nasa and ESA and are useful for the development of space research so that humanity can discover and understand as much as possible in this vast field. IA can be useful in detecting and predicting earthquakes and saving lives or even develop building design, taking into account seismic risk situations, data analysis, processing, hypothesis, and effective solutions. IA has also developed in the medical field, being useful for analyzing data and diagnosing health problems, and even prescribing personalized treatments in a very short time. As for the development of IA in social networks (for example Facebook, Twiter, SLAC, etc.) and search engines (e.g., Google), these are already known and used mostly in the field of marketing. Taking users' data, postings and processing, analyzing them, are used by companies for various purposes, such as sales, statistics, tracking for various purposes, etc. Let’s not forget about AIDR (disaster response IA), which is a platform designed to make data collection more efficient, and to link them as rapidly as possible with high speed, in the shortest possible time, in crisis situations like natural disasters, war, etc.

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  Autori: Conf. univ. dr. Ana Ștefănescu, Conf. univ. dr. Laura Georgescu, Dr. Sorin Gabriel Stroe Rezumat Pe baza a ceea ce s-a susținut deja în doctrină și jurisprudență [...]